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I am appalled and do not approve of your "Purr-fect Christmas Pageant Collection." This is a disgrace to our sacredness of the birth of Jesus Christ and Christian faith. I enjoy our pets but would never purchase any product that replaces "The Christ Child" in the manger or nativity figurines with animals.

I realize you advertise this as a "Pageant Collection," but this is a disgrace. Sorry I will not purchase or recommend this collection.

Our Christian faith is attacked daily by those who do not believe in the rights to express our faith through the media, schools and work place. I think your collection is another way to take away our historical Christian values and sacredness of our faith.

Barb Sain

Reason of review: The Purr-fect Christmas Pagent..

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As I Christian, I have absolutely no issue with this collection. It's adorable.

The overly-sensitive will see attacks wherever they can, whether they exist or not. Don't pay them any mind.

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