I have been very frustrated with this company. They have ruined the Christmas for me and been ruining the new year as well.

I ordered a model train for my husband for Christmas from their website. They specifically advertised to guarantee the delivery of items before or on Christmas date. My order was on Dec 14, 2010, but just to make sure, I called them twice. Both customer representatives I talked with assured me that the item would be delivered before Christmas.

One of them even lied and said that it would be shipped the next day with expedited shipping. Of course that was not the case! They did not even bother to ship it with expedited shipping. It arrived on Dec 29 with standard shipping so I had buy something else for my husband for Christmas.

I contacted them twice via email and told them I would return the package if it arrives after Christmas. That is exactly what I did. I also contacted with my credit card company and disputed the charge. However, Bradford Exchange still keeps on sending me the item and charging my credit card for it.

I can not remove my credit card information from their website.

Do not ever buy anything from them. They are a "fraud".

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San Diego, California, United States #753678

They state on there website "Guaranteed Christmas Delivery". I have been checking on an item I ordered 2 months ago.

Each time they tell me it is 4-6 weeks out. I checked again yesterday and I got the same response...it is 4-6 weeks out.

So much for the "Guaranteed Christmas Delivery". THEY SHOULD NOT PUT THAT GUARANTEE ON THE WEB SITE!!

to Moxley Herd Rochester, New Hampshire, United States #763134

I fell for the same "guarantee" -- all over their catalog and their website -- ordered.... I called a few days ago because the web order status stated, will ship Dec.

27th... customer service said that the website was wrong -- the engraver had the product and they were authorized to use any ship method to make sure I got my product on time... order status today is still will ship Dec. 27th...

if it's not shipped, then I'm not getting it before xmas.... I don't even know what carrier is bringing it.

Cape Coral, Florida, United States #691309

Ellie...buy a prepaid card and load it. Its the same thing. I had to do that before I had a credit card...madge if you look under your acct it will have a tracking number and it usually starts with a 1 so you must be looking in the wrong place....I always get my things early lol guess I'm one of the lucky ones

Cape Coral, Florida, United States #691307

Maybe you had problems but me personally have never had a problem with anything I have ordered from them..I order jewelry as well as christmas items and I also order from hamilton and danbury mint and never had 1 issue. Sometimes you get a bad luck of the draw but I've had great service and am satisfied with their products.


For all you idiots that didn't read this ladies complaint, TBE website said the order would be guaranteed to be delivered by Xmas. That right there is the end of the discussion.

The product doesn't show up on time, she has a legitimate gripe.

I don't care if it's a $10k ring are a .50 cent piece of paper. It's a written guarantee from a company that they absolutely failed on, and she has all the right in the world to complain.


well i dont really no if u can get anything by cash not credit card because i'd love to buy 1 of them reborn dolls they are gorgeous but i dont have a credit card its a shame.

seriously im dying for 1 of them but i can't

:cry :(


I have purchased three items from The Bradford Exchange website in Aptil 2011 and paid with my credit card; soon after the first TBE transactions were posted to my credit card statement, the four fraudulent transactions also appeared; I have cancelled the credit card and recieved a new one; in May paid the outstanding payment with the new credit card, and again had few fraud transactions!

I have never had problems with my credit card, untill I shopped at TBE online shop; I beleive that TBE website is not secure; I have lodge a report on TBE case to the Australian Consumer Protection Commission (ACCC) to investigate the case to prevent other people to be involved in this noncence!


Looking at this from a logical point of view.First it's Christmas!Most shoppers don't expect there order to get there unless it's placed around the first and sometmes even earlier.Second,communication is a wonderful thing.You should have just told him that it's gonna be late.You'll learn that most of these companies have outsourced there work to mostly untrained workers in other countries to save a dime.So understand your not always going to get a straight answer.Third,be thankful it came at all.---Bowman10 :cry


Re: The Bradford Exchange

I can comfirm I too have had problems with this company - there is no tracking information, so you don't know whether it is being shipped, and, worst of all, when you try to call them to chase up your order, the call rate is premium, so 10p per minute, and considering I was in a *** of 33, I gave up after half an hour, as I was only at position 19 in the *** and risked paying another £3 for the call alone. I will be reporting this company to my credit card and will not accept any orders from them if they arrive now - mainly because both of my orders are now too late to give to my daughter for her birthday. I would never recommend anyone buying anything from this company - they are decidedly dodgy!!!


Instead of buying something else for your husband, why didn't you just explain to him that there was a problem with the shipping of his present and it would be late. Most people would understand, at least all the people I know.

Sure the company was wrong also but cmon don't play victime with this "I had to buy something else for my husband for Christmas". lol

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