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Update by user Nov 14, 2016

Spoke again with the ASHTON DRAKE side - they basically admitted it wasn't on the site but that a new customer is usually only allowed $100 of credit. Suggested ordering only one doll. I give up with these people!

Update by user Nov 14, 2016

Ok, here is an update. I spoke with Lisa this morning (11/14) and she is that new customers only are allowed a limit of $100 on a installment plan.

Again, this is not mentioned anywhere in their site, there is nothing about credit policies and procedures. She said I should have never been able to order 2 dolls in the first place. That 1 can be done on installment and 1 paid in full AND NOW I'M NOT GETTING THE FREE UPGRADE IN SHIPPING because that was only if I paid in full the one day. UNBELIEVABLE!

I also never received anything back from the escalations department. I asked her outright if they were pulling credit reports and she said "no" but the $100 installment plan makes no sense since everything like that is over $100. This is the same woman that told me "I don't want to get into your life" last week. She said I was shipped a $10 coupon therefore that was instead of free priority shipping.

So they have now went back on the previous word they gave me on that. She said some of the newer agents just lacked verbage and how to talk to customers, yet she is just as bad.

I am truly feeling this company plays games and I find it appalling they are allowed to treat people the way they do, not list any policies or procedures, not list anything about credit. Just for the heck of it, I am going to call the Ashton Drake number and see what happens.

Original review posted by user Nov 13, 2016

I have been given the run around and all of a sudden told I have to pay for any order in full, despite on their site saying you can pay for the item in installments. They do not list ANYWHERE on their sites any policies regarding the installment plans other than:

"Installments are the affordable way to purchase a collection. Your installment charges are deducted about monthly, from the payment method that was authorized at checkout. We do not charge interest on installment plans. Your first installment will be deducted when your first item is selected for shipping from our warehouse.

If you buy a collection via Subscription Plan on the Installment Payment Plan, the next issue in the collection will be shipped after all installments for the previous issue are paid in full. This makes collecting both convenient and affordable. After choosing the payment method for the first issue, charges for all subsequent issues in your collection will be deducted from the same payment method. This holds true when purchasing a collection via phone, mail or online."

And that obviously they are interest free because they are not lending any credit, just time. I was told the reason is I was a newer customer but the order prior that I RETURNED was done on installment plans. I returned the order very quickly after receiving it because this company takes quite a while to send anything, let alone update you. I never did receive order confirmations or shipping confirmations despite their promises that they sent them. if you read other reviews you will see this is a trend. They basically single you out, check your credit score I am now seeing from other reviews, and deny you installment plans based on that even though they have your credit card information. But they deny telling you anything about that. I actually am filing a dispute with the BBB on them based on how I have been treated since purchasing the very first dolls from them. The CSRs are rude, and the supervisors are even worse. You are also not allowed to even speak to the credit department and one CSR said "if they took calls from customers they would never get anything done." This company is the worst I have ever dealt with BY FAR. Their quality on the dolls are not up to par despite having talented artists. You find glue in the hair and it isn't' even applied properly. I found out to search for words like "hand rooted" to try to eliminate the problem but if you compare the product to the pictures, they are not even close. If you are interested in one of their products, there are plenty of people out there on ebay or in Doll Stores who will actually take a picture of the item and send it to you before buying it. And not give you a run around. They lie, say they called you and unable to reach you, but due to having the availability of knowing who called my phone allows me to see that they did not call, and I have even gone out on the email server and there were no emails that they claim they sent. But I think the fact that they allow a installment plan one minute and not the next, and no policy is on their site, and you are not given any answers via phone or email, is a bit fishy and I am awaiting counsel now to see if it is illegal. Consumers are supposed to know all policies and practices up front and they do not offer that information anywhere. You cannot treat one person different from the other. I am awaiting counsel to see if I can escalate the matter. If I am allowed, be rest assured I will be. This also goes for ASHTON DRAKE.

celestial428 wrote the review because of problems with payment at The Bradford Exchange. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants The Bradford Exchange to "the free shipping and it was suppossed to be upgraded + installment plan".

The most disappointing in user's experience was false advertising and misrepresentation, violation of fair credit act reporting, price vs quality and csrs rude and no one on same page. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by The Bradford Exchange and the bradford exchange shipping service for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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