Don't order from Bradford Exchange unless you have no life and do not care that you are deluged with email offers! Things are now starting to come in the mail, too.

I have unsubscribed to just about every email for a month now & have even called the 800 number and they still keep invading my email with junk.. I had three in a 36 hour period one time! I have even used the "contact us" box and written twice to them, asking to be removed- they ignore me.

I will never buy from them again. Can get checks anywhere.

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Like others, I'm amazed that this company has been in business all these years. Actually, I'm starting to wonder if they really ARE in business...

I ordered two items from them in mid FEBRUARY. One of the items was featured on an insert in my local newspaper. A few days after ordering, I was expected to get a "your items have shipped" e-mail. After no communication, I went back to their site only to see that my order was scheduled to ship by MAY 21!!!

Really? So I've been looking forward to receiving the items that I ordered in the FIRST quarter of 2012 only to come home to a postcard tonight telling me that "due to unforeseen delays" they're not expected to ship until AUGUST 20!!!! That's nearing the end of the THIRD quarter of 2012!

WTH??? It's my first purchase from them -- it's also the LAST!!!


Dear Anonymous, Thank you for posting to Pissed Consumer. We are sorry to learn that you wish to be removed from our maling list.

Please contact me at customer_inquiry@bgeltd.com with your order number, account number and/or your name and address.

I will be glad to remove your name from further notices. lbh

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