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Ordered the "The Magic Of Mickey Mouse" Diamonesk Embrace Ring at the beginning of December for my daughter for Christmas . When it got close to Christmas, wondering where my order was (after I ordered my other daughter a music box from them for Christmas and they shipped it to the wrong address but I will write a different compliant for that.

) I looked online to see that they had changed it to not being shipped out until January 31st! Surely if they would have informed me that it would not be available until the next year I would not have ordered it! After calling them and filing a complaint some how, some way they ended up shipping it out earlier and I received it YESTERDAY! but the quality of the ring is HORRIBLE.

100% not the ring they advertised online I will provide a photo of what they sent me, it was so bad. The picture online looked high quality like they used a computer to generate the photo of Mickey on the ring . The ring I received had a poorly hand painted barely recognizable Mickey on it. It looked nothing like the ring I THOUGHT I was paying $119 for .

The quality was at most the quality of a $25 dollar ring. It is so bad I'm wondering if they sent me this one because I complained about them shipping my oldest daughter gift to the wrong address or because I complained about them not being able to ship out the ring until January 31st and not notifying me about it. I just can't believe a company that SEEMED legit would post photos of a ring and then send you something completely different. I will never order from them again and I will be posting this review on every website I can so consumers won't end up jipped and lied to like I was.

look at the photo I provided of what they REALLY send you. Surely if they were honest and posted a real photo of the ring they were selling I would have NEVER paid 119 dollars for it! Just look at the photo, would you? If you order from Bradford Exchange the photo I provided shows you the quality of the products you will receive.

Clearly they believe in FALSE ADVERTISEMENT.

I'm just happy websites like this are available to expose companies like bradford Exchange who take advantage of their customers. There is no excuse!

Product or Service Mentioned: The Bradford Exchange Advertisement.

Monetary Loss: $129.

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Yes this company is targeting by 84-year-old mother sending your items she never ordered charging our credit card I had to go and cancel your credit card now they’re threatening to attack her credit For items she never wanted or ordered.


Wow, this is truly awful. I remember my grandparents bought me and my sister a lot of things from the Bradford exchange...they were really pretty. They must have gone downhill.


I've been waiting for 2 months for a smart watch and still nothing. Tracking it says in country of destination but yet still nothing.

This site needs to be closed because waiting months upon months for a $40 purchase is down right annoying. Can I get my stuff please?!


I'm sorry for the upset with the mickey mouse ring, I've ordered from Bradford Exchange several times & we received 1 of my granddaughter's snoglobes & the base of it was broken but when I called replacements were sent out immediately! Otherwise, I've been happy with everything I've ordered.


So glad I checked out this site, as was about to place an order!


Waited a month after repeatedly calling for prepaid sticker to return money clip of poor quality.. Customer service'constantly telling me label was sent..they are all LIARS,,,,,,'Inconciderate,rude,could care less about customer, or even to be GREATFUL to have a job...they shoul all be replaced with conciencious employees....

to Anonymous International Falls, Minnesota, United States #1245969

Did The Bradford Exchange ever resolve the issues you had? I am currently looking into some of the items they have and have come across several reviews that are very good, middle of the road, and out right unsatisfactory. Just very curious.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #770904

Dear Online Shopper,

Thank you for your posting. We're sorry that you are unsatisfied with your recent purchase.

Please contact us at customer_inquiry@bgeltd.com with your name, address and/or account information and we will be happy to personally inspect whatever it is that you ordered and we will be happy to replace it for you or offer you a full refund. We value you as a customer and want to make sure you have a perfect item.

We look forward to hearing from you. Chris

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