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Update by user Feb 03, 2015

After contacting Lisa Madigan, Attorney General State of Illinois on January 11, 2015 and receiving a confirmation letter from her office dated January 20, 2015 stating they had contacted Bradford Exchange, I received the charm only with "Jen" engraved on the charm. It is to be attached by a piece of fishing line already attached to the charm.

Bill was marked "paid in full" and so far they only took out half the price of the item $38.22.

I will follow to see if they take the other half out of my credit card. Thank You Lisa Madigan's office for obtaining my daughter-in-law's charm for her jewel box.

Update by user Jan 01, 2015

Every other day that I check a delivery date - they have moved my date out more days. Today is Jan 1, 2015 and they have moved my shipping date out to Jan.


They have no intention whatsoever of shipping this item out to me with my daughter-in-law's name engraved on her heart. This is such a disgraceful business and should be closed down.

Original review posted by user Dec 17, 2014

I ordered Daughter-in-Law Jewlery box on 10-29-14 and received it very fast. However it did not have the Jewel heart with her name engraved on it.

I called them on Nov. 6 and after being on hold fo 18 min and 58 seconds they finally answered the phone. I was told to keep the original one and they would send me the engraved heart and I could attach it to this $60 item with a "string". I was not happy and they said they would resend the entire jewel box and to keep the old one.

I called back on Nov 14 since I had not hear anything and was told it was forthcoming that it was at the jewelers I called back on December 2 and after being on hold for 23 minutes and 11 seconds I was told it was on hold in shiping and would be shipped out by the end of the week. I went on line to check my status and it stated my item would be shipped by December 16. My daughter-in-laws birthday is today, December 17. I sent a message via email to them and received one back stating it takes 4-6 weeks from the time the order is placed.

I went on line today to see if it shipped yesterday and it shows it won't go out until December 22 - it won't even make it here by Christmas now. This is a terrible company and I will never order from them again.

I wished I had checked this sight prior to ordering from them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

I didn't like: Customer service - follow up, Run around.

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Marietta, Ohio, United States #1092684

The bradford exchange is a horrible company. Took me over 6 weeks to get a refund of 24.99. I will not recommend this company to NOONE


I am currently going through the same thing. I ordered a wolf picture which I sent a check to them in 2014,I was told while I messaged them on Facebook about my other order that this item would be mailed in February.

It's now saying it won't be shipped until March. But,I was also told from a woman named "Kelsey" that they were supposed to get a new shipment in of this item in January and that I would be one of the first people to have my item shipped to me. When the time came for the item to be shipped,I contacted them again only to be told "I will have to wait until a new shipment comes in" Ummm,wasn't their a shipment in back in January? Apparently not,because now I just got another piece of mail that stated my wolf picture isn't coming until May 2015.

I don't understand why this company refuses to *** the items they do NOT have in stock,or alert people to when these items will REALLY ship. It's ridiculous to be lead around over and over.

Once I complete my knife collection (If I ever do) and get this picture,I am DONE! I will let everyone I know who wants to order from them just how things are REALLY run with this company.

Marion, Illinois, United States #940673

After fighting with this company for 3 months and finally contacting Lisa Madigan, Attorney General for the State of Illinois I finally received the jewel heart engraved with my daughter-in-law's name that should have been on the jewel box when it was mailed out end of October, 2014. I will never, ever order from this company again.

I wish I had researched them prior to placing this order. Buyer Beware - Please type in Bradford Exchange Feedback and read all the negative reviews and think twice about ordering from this company.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #917691

Dear anonymous,

Thank you for your posting. We're sorry to hear that you have waited so long for your product and that you have not received your order as of this date.

We would like to have the opportunity to review your account so that we can give you more specific information regarding your order. Please contact us at with your name, address and/or account number and we will be happy to research your account.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Chris

to chris Marietta, Ohio, United States #1092693

why contact this company? So you all can give us the run around like youve done the previous times.

I ordered a train set for my nephew for christmas and not to be told that each piece was 89.95 as indicated on the ad "the ohio state buckeyes train collection" comes with free track and power station valued at 100.00 all this for 89.95. I make one installment and find out I only got the locomotive......HORRIBLE COMPANY...LIARS

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