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8 months ago my husband sent an order in to The Bradford Exchange for one of their morbid "tribute" figurines. We were never charged and a few weeks later we received a letter in the mail satating the product he had ordered was sold out and that he would not be receiving it.

Naturally, we assumed this meant that the order had been cancelled and thought nothing more of it. Today, 8 months after the original order was sent in, I checked our online bank account and there it was. A $47.95 charge from The Bradford Exchange.

I tried to call (after spending about 30 minutes searching for a phone number off the website) and got a recording that they are "closed for the holiday". Today is July 2nd, and they're already closed for the 4th of July holiday??? Must be nice.

I wrote an email demanding a refund of the unauthorized charge, but who knows if and when I'll ever get a response back. I'm going to have to go throught the whole fraud complaint process with my bank just to get the money back The Bradford Exchange took from us.

My advice: don't order from The Bradford Exchange!

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Been there, done that. These people ( Bradford Exchange ) should be investigated by the U.S. Attorney General for fraud.I had a similar experience with this company ( ordered something from them, they charged my credit card, and I NEVER received my order.



Fontenay-Sous-Bois, Ile-De-France, France #24043

Bradford's North American customer service office is located within it's Canadian HQ...they were closed on July 1st for Canada Day. They were open on the 2nd. Try calling again.

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