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ordered a Christmas tree with moving train, probably arrived early Nov. Checked it out, great pkg...nothing broken...However did not think to plug it in and test it.Put it away still in its great pkg until Christmas.

Week of Christmas took it out everything worked but moving train....Contacted them, but I didn't have original invoice, as it was still stuck on the shipping box that I stupidly tossed out...contacted customer service by e-mail, got some reply stating that they "couldn't find my order "so therefor concluded that I probably purchased it thru an "agent",therefor they cant' help me. I had ordered 6 more for friends after first inspecting mine)why they had no record of first purchase is beyond me. Contacted them again,quite upset about their reply and once again stated my case. Told them go to first credit card bill and they would find it....Got a return label form,which I sent back with the train about a month they tell me well it could take 6-8 weeks more....I was asking for a replacement, not my money back.

The train was $149, so not a cheap item...Not once have they indicated how sorry they were that my Christmas item couldn't be used, or even if it's underway....I"m still going back and forth trying to get the train.

I would never do any more business with this company again. totally ticked off at their dismissal of my problem....terrible customer relations

Product or Service Mentioned: The Bradford Exchange Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $149.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Customer service is rude, Customer service horrible, Getting the item delivered in a timely manner is a joke.

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Hello, I am very sorry to learn of this. Please email us along with your information to better assist you. Sincerely, Eduardo at The Bradford Exchange Customer Service


Was going to order one of their handbags...not now! For sure their items seem over-priced. Thanks to all for their experiences.


Telephone calls get you nowhere. You must issue a formal demand in writing and serve it via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested.

Be brief, polite and firm. State the nature of the issue clearly and your desired remedy. Also indicate that you will allow 10 business for a written reply prior to escalation of your claim.

If you don't receive the desired response, you can dispute the charge with credit card, PayPal, or whatever you used to pay. Small claims court is OK but costly.

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