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I purchased a Christmas Village collection for my wife as a Christmas gift, the pieces arrived mostly on time and she was happy until the final order 3 weeks ago arrived. For a two week period, a tracking number they provided was invalid which just makes you feel very confident in their abilities. When I called and spoke with someone about the invalid number, I was told yes its invalid but I cannot do anything at all. really? Really???? Eventually, about two weeks late, the parcel arrived.

The collection was Muppet's themed (her favorite) and featured figures of all of her favorite characters. After the final delivery, we noticed that we did not receive two of the figures that were originally advertised.

I sent an inquiry email, and got no response. I placed a call, and was told that the picture was 5 years old, and the two figurines in the question were no longer being produced, and had not been produced in some time. My response was "Maybe you should take 5 minutes and snap a new photo, or let your customers know!" I was considering canceling the entire order and returning it and was told that someone from the marketing department would call me back within 48 hours.

That was a little over 10 days ago, the 'marketing' department never did call. I placed my third call this morning, and I was told the figures were no longer available, sorry....that was it! So I am in the process of canceling the entire order and returning it to them. This was TERRIBLE customer service! I cannot stress enough how good they are at taking money, and how bad they are at servicing the customer after the fact.

I noticed as I was uploading a photo, that since my complaint, they have actually taken new photo's! Just amazing!

Buyer Beware! Buyer Beware! Buyer Beware!

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Whatever you all need to tell yourselves. Hawthorne and Bradford are the same company, offering the same exact products.

I have received correspondence from both companies regarding this issue. You are frankly arguing semantics at this point. It is clear that you have no intention of ever making this right, and based on complaints from others regarding your company, I am not surprised.

In addition, on 4/21 you changed my account again, which is now in dispute with my credit card company, I never received this credit you mentioned. I stand by my initial claim of BUYER BEWARE

Dear Valued Client, We are very sorry but the link you provided is for the "Muppets Christmas Village GIFT SET", which you did not order. The gift set is different from the collection you ordered. Any information or special offers contained in the advertisement for the gift set does not pertain to your order.

Additionally, we informed you that although the accessories were NOT planned for EVERY issue in the collection, it WAS "possible" that the figures you wanted (Scooter, Bunsen and Beaker) "would have been" included "IF" the collection was not shortened.

We are very sorry this collection has been shortened and there will be no further issues beyond the fourth issue, "Illuminated Town Tree." Subsequent issues (including any accessories that may have been included)have not and will not be produced. For all intense purposes, you have received the "complete" collection of all that was produced by our manufacturer. The "missing" figurines will not have any effect on the collection's "value."

Since we were unable to accommodate your request, and in the interest of good client relations, we issued you a discount toward the fourth issue to compensate that no further figurines would be produced.

Thanks, Regina


Below is a cut and paste from the recent response by a representative from the Bradford Exchange. They claim, that even though the Hawethorne Company, and Bradford Exchange are sister companies, with identical merchandise, manufactured exactly the same, that the two collections are different. I find this very humorous, and they are reaching at straws. I will continue to report on their tactical lies to hopefully help others avoid the same fate.

We are very sorry but the link provided by Mr. XXXXX is for the "Muppets

Christmas Village GIFT SET" which Mr. XXXXXX did NOT order. The gift set is different from the collection.

that Mr. XXXXX ordered and any information or special offers contained in the

advertisement does not pertain to Mr. XXXXX order. The attachment we provided in our previous

response is the "correct" link for the collection he ordered.


Mr. XXXXX has any further comments or concerns, we will be happy to address

them if he contacts us directly.

Otherwise, we are considering the matter closed with the BBB as this

issue is not one of questionable business tactics or fraud.

Thank you,


Client Services



Thank you Regina, I emailed you on 4/12/12 shortly after you replied to my post, to the email address you specified. I included all the information you requested. I am anxious to hear back from you, and hope this can be mutually resolved.

Best Regards

Dear Srmknight, Again, thank you for your posting. I'm sure I'll be able to assist you in supplying the missing pieces in your Item Jim Henson's Muppets North Pole Christmas Village Collection.

Please contact me at

Please include your client account number, order number, and/or name and address. Regards, Regina

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